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DAB Start February 28, 1956

Dr Mohammed Ibrahim first thought of diabetic care in the country. He realized that diabetes is such a disease where not only doctors but patients should be involved in the process of diabetic care. He thought the matter as a socio-medical care. Although the real extent of the problem of diabetes in the country was not evident, he could foresee the present picture at that time and organized a group of social workers, philanthropists and professionals. With the help of them he established Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (then Pakistan) on February 28, 1956. Primarily an adhoc committee was formed to run the organization. Later, on May 21, 1956 the first Office Bearers of the Association has been formed with the following members:
Major Dabiruddin – President
Dr Md Ibrahim – Vice President
Mrs Nurjahan Morshed – Vice President
Mr A M Salimullah Fahami – Secretary
Miss Tahera Karim – Joint Secretary
Dr M A Mannan – Joint Secretary
Mrs F Dosani – Treasurer

About Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BADAS)

The Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (Bengali acronym Bangladesh Diabetic Somiti- BADAS) was established on 28 February 1956 in Dhaka at the initiative of the late National Professor Dr Muhammad Ibrahim (1911-1989) and a group of social workers, philanthropists, physicians and civil servants. The Association started an out-patient clinic in 1957 in a small semi permanent structure of about 380 sq ft at Segun Bagicha, Dhaka. Over the years, the clinic has turned into a diabetes care and research complex at Shahbag, Dhaka, which, after the demise of Prof Md Ibrahim in 1989 has been renamed as the Ibrahim Memorial Diabetes Centre. 
BADAS as a nonprofit voluntary socio-medical service organization was registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare under the Society’s Registration Act, 1860. It is run by a 32 member National Council (NC) of which 18 members are from the life member category and 6 members represent the Affiliated Association category. They are directly elected by the representative of the Life Member and Affiliated Association respectively.

One-third of the members (ie 6) from the Life Member category and 2 from the Affiliated Association retire every year by rotation and election to those one-third posts is held in every Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association. The elected members elect the Office-Bearers of the National Council, consisting of a President, 3 Vice-Presidents, a Secretary General, a Treasurer, a Joint Secretary General, and a Joint Treasurer.
The President, so elected, nominates 5 members from amongst the Vice-Chancellors and Professor of Universities in Bangladesh, Heads of National Research Organizations, Heads of Financial Institutions, Heads of Donor Agencies, Heads of Social Welfare Organizations, Heads of Professional Bodies and reputed social workers. The Government nominates 3 ex-officio members representing the Ministries of Finance, Health and Family Welfare and Social Welfare. The members nominated by the Government must be in the rank of at least a Joint Secretary.
The National Council meets at least once in a month and reviews the activities of the Association. It takes decisions on policy matters, budget and finance, planning and development. The executive power of the National Council is vested with the Secretary General who runs the different institutions through respective Board of Management with the help of the Treasurer and BADAS Secretariat. 

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