Engineering Workshop

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Mainly the workshop meets the need of BIRDEM & BIRDEM-II Hospital, and enterprises of BADAS, affiliated branches outside Dhaka, NHN (National Healthcare Network), HCDP, Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute, Ibrahim Medical College, BIHS etc. GR Foundation, Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd. Central Hospital, Aysha Memorial Hospital etc. The workshop also produce some Jute Mills Machine spare parts for jute mills under BJMC (Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation).

Produces of Jute Mill Machine Spare Parts :

Spare Parts for Jute Mills under BJMC :

  • Khulna zone — 09 Mills;
  • Dhaka zone — 07 Mills;
  • Chittagong zone- 05 Mills;

Name of the Products that RVTC Produces 

  1. Ball Race H.T
  2. Clutch halves R.H (Spiral)/A.CW
  3. Clutch Lever Catch
  4. Clutch Operating Lever
  5. Cop Cone 2″-
  6. Cop Spindle
  7. Foot Step Box
  8. Foot Step Bracket
  9. Lower Bush / Bottom Brass Bush
  10. Spiral Gear Pinion
  11. Upper Bush /Brash Bush Top

Name of the Apparel Products are :

  1. Bed Sheet Gray Fabric logo with BIRDEM Print
  2. Pillow Cover Fabric Logo with BIRDEM Print
  3. Draw Sheet Gray Fabric logo with BIRDEM Print
  4. Bed Sheet Fabric Logo with BIRDEM Print
  5. Draw Sheet Fabric logo with BIRDEM Print


Produce by RVTC

Every body/Institution may order those product. Contact RVTC 

Phone: 02-47445228, Mobile: 01918828986